NOJA BLOK - Push up and handstands blocks

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Small wooden handstand blocks / push up blocks for handstands, push ups and various other challenging body weight movements. Ideal for the following movements, for example: various handstand and pushup movements, L-sit, Press-to-handstand, planche and others.

Freely adjust the width. The low profile of the blocks prevents the product from tipping over in any direction. Because of the small size you can easily fit these in your training bag and take them with you.

When using blocks, you get your wrist in a more neutral position, this reduces the pressure on the wrist joint. Really great if push ups on the floor irritates your wrists. A slightly raised position also means bigger range on motion and adds power for push-ups, for example.

In L-sit or similar movements, a slightly raised hand support will make it easier to detach from the ground at the beginning and speed up your development.

When you squeeze the blocks, you get a good feel, which makes it easier to control several movements.

-Material: beautiful black alder
-Small: Height 4,8 cm, Width 9 cm, Length 16 cm
-Medium: Height 4,8 cm, Width 10.5 cm, Length 16 cm
-The soles of the blocks have a firm anti-slip rubber
-Sold in pairs
-The product is ready for use

Every product is handmade in Finland.