Rebel Recon

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Experience greatness in the Rebel Recon, the latest addition to the Rebel Performance Shoe selection. This extremely lightweight (6 oz) shoe has a featherweight feel due to its counterbalanced outsole evenly distributing the weight. The combination of mesh and 360-degree leatherette materials provide the perfect balance of breathability and durability. You’ll notice the Recon has some of the most-loved components of the original Rebel Ruthless shoe: stunt grooves, shock cushioning, spin pad and cross flex tunnel. These are all performance-enhancing features to elevate your on-the-mat experience as you jump, stunt and tumble. The heel contains pillow cushions for maximum comfort and support for long days at the gym or competitions. The sleek design of the Recon features Rebel’s signature bubble laces and metallic accent pieces. Each purchase includes a lightweight shoe bag and durable drawstring bag for athletes on-the-go. This shoe is suitable for indoor and outdoor wear.

  • Featherweight feeling due to counterbalanced outsole evenly distributing the weight
  • Mesh and Leatherette upper provides the perfect combination of breathability and support
  • Leatherette material wraps 360 around the shoe to provide superior support and durability
  • Uses the excellent Ruthless outsole, but with newly added "whiskering" for better hand grip traction when basing
  • Stunt Grooves allow for the perfect grip
  • Shock Cushioned outsole for landing protection
  • Rebel Spin Pad for ease of motion
  • Cross Flex Tunnel for range of motion
  • Interior pillow cushions for heel support
  • Bubble laces to stay tied
  • White shoe features silver metallic accent pieces; Black shoe features rainbow metallic accent pieces
  • Shoe bag and drawstring bag included with purchase