Kaepa Prevail Size Chart

Size Chart: Kaepa Prevail

The centimeter measurement in the chart is equivalent to the length of your foot from the heel to the tip of the toe.
You can find the instructions on how to measure your foot below the chart.


NOTE! The centimeter measurement is not the measurement of the insole but the measurement of the foot to which we recommend the size.
The size recommendation includes the normal movement space that your toes need.


If you prefer extra "room for growth" please choose the next larger size.
The size recommendations are made individually for each shoe model.
 US EU CM (the length of your foot)
Y13.0 31.5 19.5
Y1.0 32.5 20.4
Y2.0 33.5 21.1
4.0 34.5 21.8
4.5 35 22.2
5.0 35.5 22.6
5.5 36 23.0
6.0 36.5 23.5
6.5 37 23.9
7.0 37.5


7.5 38.5 24.8
8.0 39 25.2
8.5 39.5 25.6
9.0 40 25.9
9.5 40.5 26.4
10.0 41 26.7
10.5 42 27.2
11.0 42.5 27.9
12.0 43.5 28.5
How to measure the foot length correctly and choose the right size?

1. You need a pen, paper, tape measure and a hardcover book

2. Attach the paper to the wall

3. Step on the paper so that the heel is against the wall

4. Mark the length of your foot on the paper. Use the longest part of your foot to measure. You can use a book as a guide.

5. Measure the length from the end of the paper to the line you drew.

6. Open the Size guide of the shoe you want on our website (note that all shoes have their own size guide)

7. Choose the right shoe size from the guide according to the length of your foot.

NOTE If your foot measurement falls between the sizes, we recommend choosing a bigger size.